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Whether you are a solo penetration tester or an enterprise team managing thousands of web applications, Netsparker is the one stop solution you need to automatically identify & triage vulnerabilities.

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Get started within seconds

Netsparker is very easy to use. Most of the pre scan configuration is automated so you can start scanning your targets within seconds.

Automatically identify vulnerabilities in any type of web application

Netsparker is a fully automated DAST scanner that automatically scans any type of web application, web service and web API for security vulnerabilities, regardless of the platform they are built with.

Save time & costs with actionable results

Netsparker uses the exclusive Proof-Based Scanning™ technology to automatically verify the identified vulnerabilities. It generates actionable results your team can start working with immediately without having to worry about false positives, thus allowing for more automation.

Enjoy the benefit from a complete solution

Netsparker is more than a web vulnerability scanner. It is a complete solution that can be easily integrated with other tools and services allowing you to automate more and build more secure web applications.

Netsparker Standart

An on-premises desktop web vulnerability scanner with advanced penetration testing tools and reporting utility. A fully configurable tool ideal for individual security professionals and developers who only manage the security of a handful of websites.


Netsparker Enterprise

A scalable multi user web application security solution with built-in workflow and reporting tools that is ideal for security teams and enterprises. Available as a hosted and self-hosted solution and can be fully integrated in any development and testing environment.