Feature / Functionality Netsparker Desktop Netsparker Desktop Netsparker Cloud Netsparker Cloud
Delivery On-Premises Hosted / On-Premises
User Interface Windows Software Fully Responsive Web Dashboard
(including mobile support)
Integration (command line) (REST API)
World Class Support (no additional fees) (no additional fees) *
Multi-user platform
Built-in Issues & Vulnerabilities Tracking workflow tool
Integration with Bug Tracking Tools Uses built-in bug tracking
Out-of-the-box integration with Jira
Crawling and Scanning
Advanced Discovery and Scanning Technology (HTML5, Web 2.0, Single Page Applications)
Web services scanning (WSDL, REST etc)
Authentication Support (Web Forms, Single Sign-On, Client-side Certificates, Basic Auth, NTLM, Digest, Kerberos)
Heuristic URL Rewrite Detection
Proof-Based ScanningTM Technology (with proof of exploit)
Netsparker Hawk (Out-of-band vulnerability testing)
Reporting and Reports
Full detailed scan report (including technical details about the vulnerabilities)
Compliance Reports (Including PCI DSS and OWASP Top 10)
Trend Matrix and advanced correlation reports and reporting tool
Tools and Configuration
Retest vulnerability functionality
Scan Policy Editor and Optimizer
HTTP Request Builder
Manual Crawling
Advanced pen testing tools (such as ViewState viewer, Encoding / Decoding tools)
Workflow tools to manage the long term security of 100s and 1000s of web applications
Interactive Exploitation Tools
* Should you require, our engineers can also check the configuration of your scans and do post scan reviews for you, without any additional charges.