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Netsparker Community Edition

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Free Web Vulnerability Scanner

Netsparker Community Edition is a SQL Injection Scanner. It's a free edition of our web vulnerability scanner for the community so you can start securing your website now. It's user friendly, fast, smart and as always False-Positive-Free.

It shares many features with professional edition. It can detect SQL Injection vulnerabilities better than many other scanners (if not all), and it's completely FREE.


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Current Version:v3.1.6.0

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Free SQL Injection Scanner

Netsparker can scan for lots of web security vulnerabilities, this free version of Netsparker is a great SQL injection scanner. It can scan and exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities in different back-end databases with really high accuracy and without any false-positives. Netsparker is the best SQL Injection Scanner among the all commercial, free and open source web vulnerability scanner according to 3rd party benchmark by finding 98.53% of all SQL Injections in tests1.