Security Weekly Interviews Ferruh Mavituna about Web Application Security

A few days back our CEO and Product Architect Ferruh Mavituna was interviewed by Paul Asadoorian from Security Weekly, a popular podcast that provides free content within the subject matter of IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research.

During the thirty minutes interview, Ferruh explains how he got started with web application security and talks about several other web application security related subjects such as the effectiveness of web application firewalls, the importance of automating the detection of vulnerabilities in web applications, how organizations and large enterprises can leverage security tools such as Netsparker Enterprise to ensure the security of their web applications and why security tools need to be easy to use.

Ferruh also explains why in Netsparker Enterprise, Netsparker's online web application security scanner there is a lot of focus on the workflow that happens once a vulnerability is discovered, how the Netsparker team researches new vulnerabilities and security issues, and Netsparker's bold claim; false positive free web vulnerability scanning technology.


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