Announcing the Netsparker White Paper: Flexible Deployment Options with Netsparker Scan Agents

Category: Web Security Readings - Last Updated: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 - by Zbigniew Banach

Enterprise web application environments can be as complex as the organizations themselves, which makes deploying automated security testing solutions a major challenge. This technical white paper shows how Netsparker’s flexible deployment options make it possible to align vulnerability scanning with internal development and testing structures. Beyond an outline of the challenges and benefits, the paper also showcases specific deployment scenarios, such as scanning containerized web assets in dynamic cloud environments.

Netsparker white paper: Flexible deployment capabilities with Netsparker scan agents

A common misconception related to dynamic application security testing (DAST) is that it is limited only to simple application environments and architectures. While this may have been true for early DAST products, decentralized Netsparker deployments with internal scanning agents can provide consistent vulnerability scanning results with centralized visibility in a wide variety of environments.

By decoupling the scanning engine from the management and reporting systems, you can deploy Netsparker’s industry-leading DAST capabilities to match your application development infrastructure and integrate them into existing workflows. Highlights from this technical white paper include:

  • The challenges of ensuring consistent and accurate vulnerability scanning and enforcing web security policies in distributed and highly dynamic application environments.
  • How Netsparker Enterprise uses scan agents to combine distributed vulnerability scanning with centralized security management.
  • The benefits of deploying Netsparker with scan agents, such as maximized security testing coverage, centralized visibility, improved operating efficiency, and automatic scaling.
  • Typical use cases and deployment scenarios with network diagrams, including a multinational setup and containerized web services in the cloud.

Read the full Flexible Deployment Options with Netsparker Scan Agents white paper to learn how Netsparker can align with your unique application development environment.


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