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Why QA Pros Should Be More Involved in Web Security

This security post explains why QA team members can be a good fit to do web application security testing and vulnerability finding and why businesses should involve more QA team members in their web application security programs. Read more...

Don't Waste Your Testing Team's Talents - Automate the Repetitive

Many companies shy away from automated testing: it cannot replace manual testing, they reason, and so why invest so much in it? This view can be defended for user interface testing, but it falls short of the reality of web security testing, or better web vulnerability scanning. Read more and learn how an automated web vulnerability scanner can help you get the best out of your web testing and security teams Read more...

Getting Started with Web Application Security

A complete detailed guide to web application security. This guide includes everything you need to know to get started with web application security and explains which tools to use, how to choose such tools and also explains how to secure completely all the components of a web application environment. Read more...

Working in QA? Take your Web Application Security Testing to the Next Level

As a QA professional, you are in a perfect position to add much more value to the web application security testing and vulnerabilities detection processes. Read more and learn what you can do to improve your testing skills and start incorporating more complete web application security tests in your normal QA tests. Read more...

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