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Automate More of the Web Application Security Scanning with the New Netsparker Scanners

Category: News - Tags: netsparker press release , web security automation , url rewrite rules , scan policy optimizer - Tue, 19 Jan 2016, by Robert Abela
Announcing the new version of Netsparker Desktop and a new update for Netsparker Cloud. Introducing more automation of the pre-scan process allowing users to easily launch web security scans against hundreds and thousands of websites within just a few minutes. Read more...

Automatic Configuration of URL Rewrite Rules in Netsparker Web Application Security Scanners

URL rewrite rules are typically difficult to configure and unless configured properly, the target web application is not scanned properly and not all vulnerabilities are detected. With Netsparker web application security scanners you do not need to manually configure URL rewrite rules since the process is all automated. Read more...

URL Rewrite Rules and Web Vulnerability Scanners

Category: Web Security Readings - Tags: web application security , url rewrite rules , web security scans - Tue, 15 Jul 2014, by Robert Abela
URL Rewrite Rules have become extremely popular in web applications but many web vulnerability scanners fall short of automatically scan such websites. Read this article to learn more on why typical web vulnerability scanners are unable to scan websites which use URL rewrite rules and what Netsparker did to allow users to easily and automatically scan websites with URL rewrite technology enabled. Read more...

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