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Monthly Round-up March and April

Category: Releases - Tags: review , netsparker , roundup - Sat, 22 May 2010, by Ferruh Mavituna
In the last two months we applied a good number of improvements to Netsparker and the results are showing; Netsparker is mentioned frequently on Twitter by users and also seasoned web security experts and has been reviewed by a number of websites which are regarded as the best in the web application security field. Read more...

Monthly Round-Up

Category: News - Tags: netsparker , roundup , news , review , interview , award - Tue, 12 Jan 2010, by Ferruh Mavituna
In this January 2010 monthly round by Netsparker; Netsparker voted as the most promising security assessment tool of 2009, Netsparker reviews by security experts and an interview with Mavituna CEO Ferruh Mavituna. Read more...

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