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Integrating Netsparker with Bug Tracking Systems to Easily Export Identified Vulnerabilities as Issues

Category: Product Docs & FAQS - Tags: integration , bug tracking systems , jira , github , tfs team foundation server , fogbugz - Thu, 22 Oct 2015, by Robert Abela
This article explains how you can use the Send To Action feature in Netsparker Desktop to integrate the web application security scanner with your bug tracking and source code management systems. The integration allows you to export identified vulnerabilities as issues with just a mouse click. Read more...

XSS to Root in Apache Jira Incident

In this blog post we explain how malicious hackers hacked into the Apache Foundation web servers and gained root access. They started by exploiting a cross-site scripting vulnerability in a web application called Jira. We scanned Jira with Netsparker and detected all of the vulnerabilities the malicious hackers exploited and more. This incident should serve as an example to all corporations to use Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner to identify and close down web application vulnerabilities. Read more...

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