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CSRF Vulnerability in Yandex Browser Allows Attackers to Steal Victim's Browsing Data

Category: Web Security Readings - Tags: csrf vulnerability , advisory , yandex browser - Tue, 09 Aug 2016, by Ziyahan Albeniz
This post explains how a malicious hacker can exploit a CSRF vulnerability in the Yandex browser that would allow them to get hold of the victim's confidential browsing data, including bookmarks, browsing history and also saved usernames and passwords. Read more...

New SQL Injection in Joomla! CMS Allows Attackers Full Administrative Privileges When Exploited

Category: News - Tags: sql injection , joomla , advisory - Fri, 23 Oct 2015, by Robert Abela
This posts gives you an overview of the new SQL Injection vulnerability identified in Joomla! CMS web application. When exploited, this new vulnerability allows attackers to gain full administrative access on the target website. Read more...

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