September 2018 Update for Netsparker Enterprise

Category: Releases - Last Updated: Wed, 03 Oct 2018 - by Robert Abela

We're delighted to announce a Netsparker Enterprise update. The highlights of this update are integration with ServiceNow and Slack, a new Report Policy Editor, and Security Check updates similar to those just released in Netsparker Standard 5.1.

This announcement highlights what is new and improved in this latest update.

Integration with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is an issue tracking system used by corporations to manage projects, tasks and teams. ServiceNow integration is now available in Netsparker Enterprise.

Integration with ServiceNow

For further information, see How to Integrate Netsparker Enterprise with an Issue Tracking System.

Integration with Slack

Slack is a team messaging system that enables enterprise teams to communicate across a series of dedicated project or department channels via messaging and calls.

Integration with Slack

For further information, see How to Integrate Netsparker Enterprise with Slack.

Report Policy Editor

We created a Report Policy Editor which enables you to customize your Scan Report results.

For further information, see Working with Custom Report Policies.

New Security Checks

We have added several new security checks to our Default Security Checks list in Scan Policies:

  • Out of Band Server Side Template Injection
  • Checks for the open source CakePHP framework

For further information, see Scan Policies and our full list of Security Checks in our Web Application Vulnerabilities Index.

Further Information

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in this update, refer to the Netsparker Enterprise changelog and Netsparker Standard changelog.


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