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We are happy to announce the new version of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner. In the last couple of weeks everyone in the team has worked tirelessly so Netsparker version 3 is released on time as planned. Thanks to our awesome team (especially to our Q/A lead Onur, who is actually getting married tomorrow!)

What is New in Netsparker 3

The new Netsparker Version 3 has several new features that will make the difficult process of finding web application vulnerabilities much easier and quicker. Apart from the new features, the existing scanning engine and security checks have been improved to make sure all web application vulnerabilities are being detected. Netsparker version 3 also includes a number of new security checks.

For more detailed information about the new features and improvements in Netsparker Version 3, you can refer to the post  Netsparker Version 3 Highlights. Refer to the Netsparker change log for a complete list of all the changes including bug fixes.

Netsparker New Reduced Prices and Discounts

Make sure you also check the Netsparker pricing page. We have reduced the license renewal prices by more than 40% and are also giving a discount of 35% to anyone who buys the Netsparker license for 3 years. If you need more information about the new Netsparker pricing or other discounts we give for multi seat licenses, just drop us an email on

An official Netsparker version 3 press release is available here.

Upgrading Your Netsparker to Version 3

If you are already using Netsparker, a pop up window with the upgrade details will show up the next time you run Netsparker, as seen in the below screenshot. You can always click Help > Check Updates to force manual updates as well.

If you have problems with the upgrade or any product related questions, get in touch with our support by sending us an email on

Download the Netsparker Version 3 Trial

It only takes a couple of minutes to launch a scan with Netsparker Web Application Security SCanner and identify web vulnerabilities on your websites and web applications.

Download the trial edition of Netsparker and check if your web applications are vulnerable to cross-site scripting and other web vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection today.

Netsparker Wep Application Security Scanner Find and Exploit vulnerabilities in Web Applications with Netsparker

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