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New Netsparker 2.3 Crawls Web Applications More Efficiently and Faster

Category: Releases - Tags: netsparker release , features highlight , netsparker performance - Fri, 11 Apr 2014, by Ferruh Mavituna

Performance Improvements

We are constantly trying to improve the performance of scans and day by day Netsparker gets better. Now that we have optimized the crawling, Netsparker will eliminate useless links during the crawling and recursive attacking. You will definitely notice the difference in practice. Scans will do less requests and you’ll get the results earlier.

PDF Reporting Improvements

New PDF reporting code allows you to generate hundreds of pages in less time with less memory consumption. So you can get that 500 pages report without any problems.

We also addressed some minor issues and improved the design of detailed scan reports, added lovely bookmarks to PDF reports.

Other Improvements / Changes

  • Custom cookie input now accepts more formats, so you can simply copy & paste from your proxy or write it manually.
  • Highlighting improved in many vulnerabilities, so you’ll spot the problem much quicker for almost all vulnerabilities.
  • A parsing issue addressed in pages with multiple forms.
  • TRACE/TRACK checks improved.
  • Local File Include checks and coverage improved.
  • GUI fixes for high DPI setups.
  • Fixed tab order for Authentication checkboxes on Start a New Scan dialog.
  • Several templates improved, better remediation and description sections.
  • Fixed a known DLL loading issue when Netsparker shortcut doesn’t start in Netsparker application directory.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.


If you have a valid Netsparker Professional or Standard license then all you need to do is click "Help > Check for Updates" to update to Netsparker


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