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The Final Beta!

Category: Releases - Tags: beta , netsparker , release - Mon, 18 May 2015, by Ferruh Mavituna

I don't even want to write how much we coded in the last month, (actually it's illegal to work that much, so I'm not going to give you any numbers!). It was worth it though.

The latest version of Netsparker... I'm going to put this as adequately as I can "It kicks a**". You can see details in Netsparker changelog but I'll list some highlights, so you can see why it does such a thing:

  • Better performance (less CPU usage, improved HTTP performance and less requests).
  • Ridiculously good SQL injection coverage, I mean really good!.
  • Improved Engines: LFI and Command Injection engines improved.
  • New test modules such as "crossdomain.xml", "Apache server-status, server-info", "SVN disclosure", "Find backup files", "TRACE/TRACK check" and some more stuff that you hate to check but have to check.

While you can still join the beta email list, I can't promise anything about getting a beta version soon, as we have enough testers right now.

I'm planning to keep this blog busy by adding some tutorials, videos and insider information. If you are interested in Netsparker, subscribe to the RSS, or follow on twitter@netsparker or FriendFeed-Netsparker. If you are only interested in release date, you can subscribe our release newsletter and we'll let you know as soon as it's out.

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