December 2016 Netsparker Enterprise Update

Category: Releases - Last Updated: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 - by Ferruh Mavituna

Netsparker Enterprise just got a new feature! Apart from a few updates here and there, in this December 2016 update of Netsparker Enterprise web application security scanner we are introducing the Notifications features.

The Notifications allow you to be instantly alerted via email or SMS on your mobile phone about an event that happened in your Netsparker Enterprise account. For example you can configure Netsparker Enterprise to alert you when a new scan has just started, or when a scan has failed, or when one or more vulnerabilities with at least High criticality are identified on a live website.

You can read the Netsparker Enterprise SMS and Email Notifications documentation for more detailed information on how to configure and manage them. Apart from the notifications we also includes a few updates and bug fixes in this update of Netsparker Enterprise. Please refer to the Netsparker Enterprise changelog for a detailed list of what is new and improved in this update.


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