April 2016 - Netsparker Enterprise Update

Category: Releases - Last Updated: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 - by Ferruh Mavituna

Earlier on today we updated Netsparker Enterprise online web application security scanner. This update includes new features and functionality, new security checks, several improvements and bug fixes. This post highlights what is new and improved in this April 2016 update of Netsparker Enterprise.

  1. New Pause and Resume web security scans functionality,
  2. Support for automated crawling and scanning of parameter-based navigation websites,
  3. New setting that allows users to specify file extensions of the files that should be text parsed by the scanner,
  4. Added Smart DFS heuristic technology to the DOM parser for more efficient scanning of DOM objects,
  5. Improved the XSS security checks,
  6. A few new web security checks.

For a complete list of all the improvements, bug fixes and what is new and improved in update 20160411 of Netsparker Enterprise please refer to the online scanner's changelog.


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