Amazon Web Application Firewall Rule Generation

Category: Releases - Last Updated: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 - by Aydin Kayacik

In the recent Netsparker Standard 5.5 November 2019 Update, we introduced several new WAF integrations in Netsparker Standard. First up is Amazon Web Services WAF.

Amazon Web Services Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) monitors HTTP and HTTPS requests that are sent to an Amazon CloudFront, Application Load Balancer or API Gateway. With AWS WAF, you can create rules that allow or block requests. This enables you to protect vulnerable areas of your web application while you temporarily defer fixing detected vulnerabilities.

AWS WAF rules are generated from the Web Application Firewall tab in the Options dialog.

Netsparker - Amazon WAF Rule Generation

For further information, see Generating Amazon Web Application Firewall Rules From Netsparker. For further information on other WAFs available in Netsparker Standard, see Web Application Firewalls. For further information on other features in the latest release, see Netsparker Standard 5.5 – November 2019 Update.


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