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South Dakota Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (SD BIT) Deploys Netsparker to Secure Residents’ Personal Data

Category: News - Last Updated: Tue, 26 Nov 2019 - by Dawn Baird

“One of the features we find most beneficial is the reporting side. The reports are very clean and meaningful to our development team.” - Miguel Penaranda, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, SD BIT

South Dakota Bureau of Information and TelecommunicationsHome to Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial, the State of South Dakota provides a range of public services for residents and visitors to the state. Many are accessible to users from a web interface and managed via a series of secure websites and web applications.

South Dakota's Challenge Was to Maintain Secure Access For One Million Residents' Personal Data

The combined numbers of residents, visitors and staff living, working and travelling through South Dakota county annually adds up to a vast store of data. This ranges from contact details and marital status to identity documentation, certificates and permits. Miguel Penaranda, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, SD BIT says:

Data is updated constantly, both internally by our administrative and management staff, and externally, by residents and others via our many web application UIs. Regardless of the location or identify of the person inputting the data, the data access, input and storage needs to be secure.

SD BIT's needs were straightforward: identify the most accurate scanner on the market, and the one that is the easiest to both implement and use. Their web security team was on the lookout for the latest innovative approaches to web security. Ease of setup and use, as well as accuracy, were top of the wish list. 

Following an analysis of what was available on the market, and after conducting tests to determine the accuracy of each solution under consideration, South Dakota elected to implement Netsparker's web application security solution. 

Netsparker's Ease of Use and Superior Accuracy Made the Decision to Switch a 'No-Brainer' 

Following trials, SD BIT discovered that Netsparker had a stress-free setup process. The Netsparker Enterprise solution was instantly available as an On-Demand edition with a simple login and user setup process. They were also delighted to also find that Netsparker had a thorough Support knowledge base and a responsive Support team made of up developers actively working on the product. This combination of factors meant that even less experienced security professionals could get going immediately. 

SD BIT's other goal was to secure a solution that would provide the most accurate scan results possible on the market, given their vast stores of personal user data. Netsparker's scan results proved to be more accurate and comprehensive (yet easier to understand) than any other scanner trialled. Scan results, including detected vulnerabilities, were delivered faster and itemised clearly and important information was reported in a succinct way. Along with useful information and best practice advice, their security experts were pleased to see that Netsparker provided solid remediation guidelines for each detected vulnerability.

Quicker Security Fixes Contribute to a Long Term Investment in Data Security

At SD BIT, the Development Team found the scan results reports crucial to their goals:

One of the features we find most beneficial is the reporting side. The reports are very clean and meaningful to our development team.

And, even though the entire team was able to get up to speed quickly, they found Netspaker's Support provision invaluable.

The Support team was very quick to respond to our queries and were always looking for new ways to help.

Partnering with Netsparker has been recognised across the entire IT provision at South Dakota as a solid investment in the residents' long-term data security.


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