Scan Your Web Applications with Your Xbox and PlayStation from the Comfort of Your Sofa

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Game consoles such as the Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 has become very popular and almost every computer enthusiast has one. Today it is possible to install Netsparker on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and launch automated web application vulnerability scans using the game controller from the comfort of your sofa.

April 1, 2014 London - Netsparker Ltd today announced the release of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner Console Edition, the leading false positive free web vulnerability scanner that simulates malicious hackers and enables web application security professionals to automatically identify vulnerabilities and other security issues in their web applications.

The latest version of Netsparker can be installed on popular next gen game consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to allow security professionals to launch web vulnerability scans from the comfort of their sofa.

"Remote working is becoming really popular and nowadays it is common for people to work from home. We took this a step further and started supporting popular game consoles to further ease the job of security professionals," said Ferruh Mavituna, CEO of Netsparker. "We are really thrilled with these updates. Now security professionals can also share their scans on the popular online game platforms with their friends and colleagues."

Features Highlights of Netsparker Console Edition:

Scan your Web Applications from the Comfort of your Sofa

Launch web vulnerability scans with Netsparker from your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 game consoles from your home. You can control Netsparker from your console's game controller. The game controller will vibrate when a vulnerability is found.

Share Scan Results on Your Favourite Social Gaming Network

You can live broadcast your scans using social video sharing sites like and ustream. Your friends can enjoy watching the scans and can comment on them. You can also share vulnerability details on popular social platforms like twitter and Facebook.

Co-op Exploitation

You are not alone against the evil vulnerabilities, call your friends for support. You can invite your friends to join your scanning session and exploit the vulnerabilities together!

Your Body as the Controller

Performing some easy body gestures, you can control Netsparker without using a game controller. A single clap will exploit the vulnerability and double clap will retest it. Stopping a scan is as easy as performing a spagat.

Harness the Power of Your CPU, GPU and Memory

With their 8 cores of CPU power, hefty GPU's and loads of memories, next gen game consoles will make Netsparker scans take significantly less time to complete. Netsparker will utilize GPU power to perform complex attacks to DOM surface of the target web app.

Challenge your Friends, Earn Achievements and Game Points

It has never been this fun to scan web applications. Netsparker will award you with achievements and game points during scans. You can challenge your friends to earn more points or to unlock that SQL Injection Ninja achievement.

Your scans on the cloud, Sync scans between your console and PC

You have started a scan at work and it is still running when you need to leave for the weekend. Now you can transfer that scan to your game console at home and still continue scanning at home. All your scans are stored safely on the cloud and synced with all your devices.


We are going to release a beta version of Netsparker Console Edition later this month. Please contact us if you want to participate in the beta program.

About Netsparker Ltd

Netsparker Ltd is a young and enthusiastic UK based company. Netsparker is focused on developing a single automated web security product, the false positive free Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner. Netsparker management and engineers have more than a decade of experience in the web application security industry that is reflected in their product, Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner. Founded in 2009, Netsparker's automated web vulnerability scanner is one of the leading security tools and is used by world renowned companies such as Samsung, NASA, Skype, ING and Ernst & Young.

Note: A lot of people actually believed this! Thumbs up to the Netsparker team for pulling off this April's fool joke.


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