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Netsparker GDPR Survey: 10 Percent of C-Level Security Execs Say GDPR Will Cost Them $1M+

Category: News - Last Updated: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 - by Robert Abela

Press Release | We surveyed international C-Level Executives about their compliance plans for the EU's upcoming GDPR. This update contains the survey results, which shows that affected companies are serious about compliance and aware of the costs involved. It also reveals those industries that are most affected and those that are least prepared. Read More

Netsparker Raises $40 Million to Accelerate Growth of Leading Web Application Security Software

Category: News - Last Updated: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 - by Robert Abela

Press Release | We are delighted to announce that an investment of $40 Million by San Francisco-based growth and private equity fund, Turn River Capital, will accelerate product development, marketing and sales team expansion, and acquisitions at Netsparker to support the increased enterprise level demand for web application security software. Read More

Infographic: Statistics About the Security State of 104 Open Source Web Applications

Category: News - Last Updated: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 - by Ferruh Mavituna

In this infographic, we highlight the most common vulnerabilities that are found in open source web applications. Even though this is just a small sample of the web applications that are used on the live website on the internet, these statistics give us a good overview of the real life situation, and how many websites are vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks. Read More