Netsparker Partners with Strong Crypto Innovations

Category: News - Last Updated: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 - by Robert Abela

Strong Crypto Innovations LogoWe are pleased to announce the appointment of Strong Crypto Innovations as Netsparker Desktop and Netsparker Cloud reseller in the US. Strong Crypto Innovations is based in Virginia and has been providing security services and solutions to organizations since 2006.

Integrating Automated Web Application Security Scanning in the SDLC

Strong Crypto Innovations are committed to continuing helping organizations integrate automated web application security scanning in their SDLC, which process has become really easy with the fully blown API of Netsparker Cloud, Netsparker's latest enterprise level online service offering.

"Offering Netsparker Cloud provides Strong Crypto's customers with the tools to strengthen their web application security programs in a long-term and sustained way," said Alexander J. Fry, President at Strong Crypto Innovations. "With Netsparker Cloud, our customers can quickly and easily implement a continuous monitoring program as well as address FISMA and PCI compliance requirements."

The Netsparker Cloud online service also complements Strong Crypto's business model and the penetration testing services they provide to their customers. Strong Crypto Innovations are also using the Netsparker false positive free scanning technology to provide web application security services to those organizations which do not have such operations in-house.

For more information about Strong Crypto Innovations visit Contact us if you would like to start reselling Netsparker web application security scanners in your region.


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