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Infographic: Statistics About the Security Scans of 396 Open Source Web Applications

Category: News - Thu, 25 Feb 2016 - by Robert Abela

In this infographic we highlight the most common vulnerabilities that are found in open source web applications. Even though this is just a small sample of the web applications that are used on live website on the internet, these statistics give us a good overview of the real life situation, and how many websites are vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks. Read More

Italy’s Most Experienced Information Security Company Relies on Netsparker

Category: News - Mon, 07 Nov 2016 - by Robert Abela

In this case study, CryptoNet Italia explains how by using the Netsparker web application security scanner it was able to provide more man-hours and advanced penetration testing services to its customers. CryptoNet also explain why after 14 years in this business, and using all types of scanners they chose Netsparker's unique vulnerability scanning technology. Read More

Netsparker Partners with Secnesys in Mexico

Category: News - Wed, 28 Oct 2015 - by Robert Abela

Netsparker partnered with Secnesys to inrease its presences in Mexico. Secnesys has over 20 years of experience in the security software industry hence will help Netsparker reach more bsinesses and help them ensure the long term security of their websites. Read More

World Renowned Leader in the Human Genome Project Relies on Netsparker to Protect Their Data & Reputation

Category: News - Mon, 07 Nov 2016 - by Robert Abela

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, a leader in the Humane Genome Project have been using Netsparker web application security scanner for years to ensure the security of their websites and web applications which are used to deliver the results of their research to other researchers and pharmaceutical companies from allover the world. Read More

Global Association ISACA Leads the Way on Web Application Security with Netsparker

Category: News - Fri, 14 Oct 2016 - by Robert Abela

Read how Netsparker Desktop, the only false positive free web application security scanner helps global organization ISACA ensure the long term security of all their websites and web applications. ISACA easily integrated Netsparker in their SDLC to scan all code changes before they are put on live servers thus ensuring all their live websites and web applications, which are visited by millions every year are secure. Read More

Free Online Web Application Security Scans for Open Source Projects

Category: News - Thu, 08 Oct 2015 - by Robert Abela

Netsparker is offering free web application security scans to developers who develop open source web applications. This initiative will surely help developers write more secure code, thus ensuring a safer internet. Read this post for more information on how to apply for your free Netsparker Cloud account. Read More