Know Your Web Application Risks with Netsparker’s Kenna Integration

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In a large organization, finding web application vulnerabilities is challenging enough – but it’s only the first step to improving security. Faced with potentially thousands of issues across multiple websites and applications, security teams need to pick their battles to prioritize vulnerabilities that carry the greatest risk. Learn how Netsparker integrates with Kenna to help organizations with risk-based vulnerability management.

Vulnerability management with Netsparker's Kenna Integration

Prioritize to Divide and Conquer Security Issues

Enterprise web environments are scary places in more ways than one. The monolithic web applications of old are long gone, as are release cycles counted in months or even years. Agile web development is the name of the game, with libraries, frameworks, and bespoke code all making up a complex mix that can change daily. When it comes to security, we can be talking about thousands of issues spread all across the organization. Even finding a starting point is a daunting task.

To take control of web application security, you need to see the bigger picture. You can’t deal with everything at once – you have to prioritize to focus your resources on issues that have an immediate impact. Netsparker gives you the tools to do this, starting with Proof-Based Scanning™ to automatically verify exploitable vulnerabilities and confirm that they are not false positives. For each reported vulnerability, Netsparker provides a severity rating and score to help you triage the issue, along with information about the potential impact.

Vulnerability management is also a big part of the Netsparker advantage, with dashboards and reports providing a clear picture of the current security posture and progress in resolving identified vulnerabilities. This gives you the visibility you need to both address time-critical issues and respond to long-term trends.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

The issue severity values suggested by Netsparker are based on the technical risk (how easy it is to exploit a vulnerability) and the typical impact of a successful attack. But what if you also want to incorporate information about the business value of specific assets, use data from other security tools, or include threat intelligence in your decision-making process?

While Netsparker is an industry-leading DAST (dynamic application security testing) solution, organizations can also get their vulnerability information from SAST, SCA, manual penetration testing, bug bounty programs, and so on. To ensure visibility and manage risk across all these sources of information, you can turn to Kenna Security – one of Netsparker’s trusted integration partners.

Kenna provides a specialized risk-based issue tracking solution that allows you to combine vulnerability reports and threat intelligence from multiple sources and get a broader view of your web security status. Netsparker integrates with Kenna right out of the box, so you can easily feed high-quality vulnerability scan results into Kenna to get risk-based severity scores and recommendations. 

The Benefits of Using Netsparker with Kenna

When you look at scan reports from Netsparker, you can immediately see which vulnerabilities are directly exploitable and have been confirmed as real with Proof-Based Scanning™. Combined with the broad testing coverage provided by advanced crawling and authentication capabilities, this gives you actionable information and gets rid of the limitations and uncertainty often associated with less mature DAST tools.

By integrating Kenna as your issue tracking and management solution, you can incorporate Netsparker’s rock-solid vulnerability reports into a risk-based security management workflow. For example, if Netsparker indicates that you have 30 critical and directly exploitable vulnerabilities in your web application environment, Kenna can help you define your remediation priorities based on detailed risk scores and global threat intelligence to indicate which issues are currently being exploited in wild. That way, you get maximum visibility and can make decisions based on the best available data and up-to-date intelligence.

For a detailed guide to integrating Kenna with Netsparker, see our support page on Kenna integration.

Webinar: Boost Web Vulnerability Management with Prioritization and Visibility

To bring home the benefits of complementing Netsparker’s own vulnerability management capabilities with the risk-based issue tracking provided by Kenna, we have teamed up with Kenna Security for a co-hosted webinar. Part of Netsparker’s Secure by Design webinar series, the Boost Web Vulnerability Management with Prioritization and Visibility webinar dives into the workings of both products and highlights the security and business benefits they can bring to enterprise organizations.

Join Netsparker and Kenna for this joint webinar on November 5th, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. (CST) – register now and see you there!


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