Send Web Security Resports via Email Upon Scheduled Scan Completion

You can use the Window's Powershell scripting to automatically send a report as an email attachment once a scheduled scan completes. To do so follow the below steps:

  1. Downloadthe files ScanAndMail.ps1 and urls.txt files.
  2. Copy the files ps1 and urls.txt files to the Netsparker installation folder.
  3. Open ps1 with a text editor and specify the SMTP server and mail settings from lines 3 to 11.
  4. Open txt with a text editor and specify the URL of the web application you would like to scan and the path where to save the scan report separated with a semi colon. To scan multiple websites specify the same parameters for each website in a new line.
  5. Once all the settings are configured, use the Powershell to execute the script, which creates a Windows Scheduled Task and launches the scan(s):

Powershell –ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted –File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Netsparker\ScanAndMail.ps1

 Note: the installation folder of Netsparker Desktop in a 32 bit Windows installation is c:\Program Files\Netsparker\


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