Configure a Scan Time Window to Specify When a Website is Scanned

What is a Scan Time Window?

A Scan Time Window allows you to specify the time during which a target website can be scanned for vulnerabilities with Netsparker Cloud online web application security scanner. Therefore as an example if you want to exclude all scanning activity during office hours, you can do so by configuring the Scan Time Window. And if a scan is running during that time it will be automatically paused and resumed when scanning is allowed again.

How Can I Configure the Scan Time Window in Netsparker Cloud?

To configure the times when scanning of a target website is allowed simply navigate to the Scan Time Window node when configuring a new scan on Netsparker Cloud, tick the option Enable Scan Time Window and use the sliders and buttons to configure the scan time window. For example in the configuration highlighted in the screenshot below scanning is only allowed on Saturday and Sunday.

In Netsparker Cloud you can configure when a target website can be scanned


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