How to Scan Multiple Websites Simultaneously with Netsparker Desktop

To scan multiple websites and web applications at the same time with Netsparker Desktop simply start multiple instances of Netsparker Desktop. Therefore if you already have an instance of Netsparker Desktop scanning a website, and would like to scan another 3 websites launch three new instances of Netsparker Desktop from the Windows Start menu.

Running multiple instances of Netsparker Dekstop web application security scanner.

Alternatively you can select Start New Netsparker Instance from the File drop down menu, as shown in the below screnshot.

Start a new instance of Netsparker from the File drop down menu

Concurrent Scans and Instances Are Not Limited

Netsparker does not limit the number of simultaneous web application security scans or concurrent instances you can run of Netsparker Desktop. The maximum number of simultaneous scans is only limited by your hardware resources.

Each running instance of Netsparker Desktop will consume resources during a web security scan. Therefore before running another instance of the web vulnerability scanner make sure you have enough free resources to run it.

Too Many Websites to Scan?

If you have too many websites to scan we recommend you to try Netsparker Cloud. Our scalable online web application security scanner is specifically tailored to help organizations scan, automate post security scan tasks and ensure the long term security of hundreds and thousands of web applications.


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