Restricting Web Security Scans to Run During a Specific Time

This document explains how you restrict the Netsparker Desktop web application security scans to run between certain hours only, for example between 0200 and 0600 hours.

1. Download and Install AutoHotKey

To start off with, you have to download and install AutoHotkey, an open source utility. This utility will basically be used to find the running instance of Netsparker Desktop and triggers the keys that resumes and pauses scans.

2. Download the Scripts, Start & Pause the Scan

Download the below AutoHotKey scripts, which will be used to pause and resume the web security scans.

Now proceed to configuring all the scan parameters (such as Target URL, Scan Policy and Reports Policy) and launch the scan. Pause the scan as soon as it starts.

3. Configure the Windows Scheduler

Once the scan is paused configure two Windows Task Schedules:

  • one for resumenetsparker.ahk at 0200
  • one for pausenetsparker.ahk at 0600

That's all. The scan will be resumed automatically when the first scheduled tasks kicks in and if it is not finished by 0600 it will be paused automatically by the sechduled task.

IMPORTANT: You should have a single instance of Netsparker Desktop running. If you have more than one instance the AutoHotkey script will work on only one of the instances that you have running, and that might not be the one that you want to resume/pause.


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