How to Recover an Unexpectedly Terminated Scan?

The Netsparker Desktop web application security scanner has a built-in auto-save feature. Therefore if a running web vulnerability scan is interrupted unexpectedly, for example because a computer restart, you can reload the partial scan and continue scanning the website without the need to restart from scratch.

The auto-saving files are saved in the folder My Documents\Netsparker\Scans\[WEBSITE-NAME] and the progress is saved every fifteen minutes. The two files that are created are called AutoSave.ndb and AutoSave.nss.

By default the scanner automatically tries to recover the incomplete scan from the previous session. This means that if you start Netsparker after a scan was interrupted unexpectedly the scanner will automatically resume that scan. Though just in case you had multiple instances of Netsparker Desktop running, you can manually resume the interrupted scans by navigating to the scans' folder and double clicking the AutoSave.nss file.


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