Netsparker Scan Policies Feature Highlight Video

Many web application security experts have to scan tens, and sometimes even hundreds of different web applications every year. Since every web application has its own setup and configuration, such as URL rewrite rules and custom 404 pages, users have to reconfigure the web vulnerability scanner each they scan a different web application.

Scan policies in Netsparker allow you to save a specific Netsparker configuration setup so you do not have to configure the scanner each time you scan a different web application, thus saving a lot of time and improving your productivity.

Scan policies also allow you to specify which type of web application vulnerability checks you want to launch during a web application security scan, configure the HTTP connection options and much more. For example you can scan a web application just for SQL Injection and Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

To find out more about Scan policies in Netsparker and learn how to configure new ones or clone the builtin ones watch the video below or refer to the article create your own Netsparker Scan Policies with the Scan Policy Editor.


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