Netsparker Cloud Built-In Reports and Reporting Tool

As an enterprise one-stop web application security solution, Netsparker Cloud has several built-in reports. It also has a Reporting tool that allows you to generate your own statistical reports, thus allowing you to better manage the security of all your web applications.

Below is an overview of both the built-in reports and the Reporting tool of Netsparker Cloud.

Built-In Netsparker Cloud Web Security Reports

Generic Trend and Status Security Reports

From the global, websites group or single website dashboard you can get a good glance of the security state of the websites you are scanning with Netsparker Cloud, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Generic web security reports in the Netsparker Cloud dashboard

Trend Matrix Reports

From the single website dashboard you can also access the Trend Matrix report, in which you can find detailed information about every vulnerability that was identified on that website such as when it was found, fixed, if it revived in future scans etc.

The Trend Matrix report in Netsparker Cloud

Scan Results Report

Once a web security scan is ready you can also access the report of that scan, from where you can see all the technical details about every identified vulnerability, the crawl etc.

The technical scan report of a web vulnerability scan with Netsparker Cloud

You can also export the scan results as either a HTML or PDF detailed scan report, or several other report types such as a list of all identified vulnerabilities in XML format.

Create Your Own Web Security Statistics Reports

The Reporting tool in Netsparker Cloud online web application security scanner allows you to generate a variety of statistical reports for a particular website group or vulnerability during a specific date range, which you can configure.

The Reporting Tool in Netsparker Cloud which you can use to generate statistics reports

With the Reporting tool you can create the following report types:

  • Vulnerabilities per period,
  • Vulnerable website groups per period,
  • Vulnerable websites per period,
  • Vulnerability trend per period.

Save the Report Filter for Future Use

Once you configure all the parameters that are needed to generate a report, you can save the report filter so you do not have to configure the criteria each time you need to generate the report. The parameters which you have to configure and can save as a Report Filter are:

  • Time Start & Time End or Period (such as daily, weekly, quarterly etc)
  • Minimum Severity Level of vulnerabilities
  • Website Group (choose All to create a report about all the websites)
  • Vulnerability (in case of vulnerability trend report)
  • Report Type

To save the report filter click the gear wheels button next to the filter's selection drop down menu and click Save.

Save a Netsparker Cloud report filter


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