How to Move or Backup Netsparker Desktop Settings & License

When moving Netsparker Desktop web application security scanner from one computer to another you need to move both the license key and the settings.

Moving or Backing Up Netsparker Desktop Settings

All of the scanner’s settings are stored in a directory called Netsparker in your user’s profile documents directory, which can be found in the following location:


This directory contains several subdirectories. For example the Policies subdirectory is where the Scan Policies are stored, Profiles is where the Scan Profiles are saved, Scans is where scans are saved etc.

To backup or move the settings of your Netsparker Desktop simply copy the Netsparker directory to your backup drive or move it to the new computer where you installed the new installation of Netsparker Desktop.

Moving the Netsparker Desktop License

The file name of the Netsparker Desktop license file is typically netsparker.msl and is stored in the Netsparker installation directory. The default installation directory of Netsparker is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Netsparker

To move the Netsparker Desktop license from one computer to another simply:

  1. Make a copy of the Netsparker license file (*.msl).
  2. Uninstall Netsparker Desktop from the computer.
  3. Install Netsparker Desktop on the new computer.
  4. When asked for the license, navigate to the *.msl file which you copied from your old computer.

Note: If you cannot find your license file you can download it by using the link provided in the welcome email or else you can contact our support by sending them an email on


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