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Mattermost Integration with Netsparker Enterprise

Category: Product Docs & FAQS - Last Updated: Wed, 01 Jul 2020 - by Netsparker Security Team

The Netsparker web application security scanner integrates with many popular applications. The recent Netsparker Enterprise On-Premises June 2020 Update introduced a new integration with Mattermost. This Mattermost integration is already available for the Netsparker Enterprise On-Demand edition.

Mattermost is an open-source alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams that enables secure team collaboration. It functions as a team messaging system that integrates with Netsparker Enterprise to list and manage detected vulnerabilities. With this new Mattermost integration, you can create a new incoming webhook as a Mattermost instance and paste it into the Netsparker Enterprise Mattermost integration.

For further information, see Integrating Netsparker Enterprise with Mattermost and What Systems Does Netsparker Integrate With?. For further information on other features in the latest release, see June 2020 Update for Netsparker Enterprise On-Premises.


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