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Integrating Netsparker with your WAF

Denim Group has released Vulnerability Manager, in their own words:

Denim Group's Vulnerability Manager allows security teams to import and consolidate application-level vulnerabilities, automatically generate virtual patches, monitor attack attempts, communicate with defect tracking systems, and evaluate team maturity. Because this is done in a centralized system, application security managers have greatly increased visibility into and control of these processes, and they are collecting data that can be used to support sophisticated conversations with their managers and executives.

This is great for Netsparker users because Vulnerability Manager can import Netsparker XML reports. Since Netsparker can confirm the idenfied vulnerabilities and mark them on the XML output you can simply generate WAF rules or send these identified vulnerabilities to the related defect tracking system without checking for false positives. You can even automate the whole process, you don’t need a person to check the vulnerabilities before deploying the patches.

The tech preview release demo of Vulnerabiltiy Manager:




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