Integrating Netsparker in Your Vulnerability Management Solution

Yesterday we announced a new strategic partnership with Lunarline. This partnership means that web security scan results generated by Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner can be imported into Lunarline's vulnerability management solution Vulnerability Scan Converter.

What is Vulnerability Management Software?

Vulnerability management software allows security professionals to import scan results generated from different automated security scanners in a centralized location, allowing better management of the whole security program.

There are several reasons why security professionals use vulnerability management software. First off, many security professionals do not focus solely on web application security, but also on network, server and any other type of security. Therefore when using different automated tools to scan different components in an organization's IT infrastructure they end up with a good number of separate reports. By importing all the scan results to a vulnerability management software security professionals centralize all their reports hence can have a better overview of the security state of a whole infrastructure and ease the job of remediating the security flaws.

There are also security professionals who use different scanners against the same target and by doing so the information they have in their reports overlap. To ensure they get the best out of their reports and ensure there is no repetitive work they import the scan results in a vulnerability management software which allows them to iron out all of the overlapping information.

Netsparker Integration with Vulnerability Management Solutions

At Netsparker we understand that some of our users are not just responsible for the security of their web applications. Hence we partnered with a number of vulnerability management software vendors to ensure that they have a good number of solutions from where to choose from. Currently all of the below listed solutions can be used to import Netsparker's scan results:

  • Threadfix Vulnerability Manager
  • Kenna Security Vulnerability & Risk Intelligence (previously Risk I/O Vulnerability Dashboard)
  • LunarLine Vulnerability Scan Converter

If you use a vulnerability management solution that is not listed above, contact your vendor so they can get in touch with us and we can partner with them.

Centralizing Web Security Scan Results

If you are responsible for the security of many websites and web applications and would like to centralize all the web application security scan results you can also use Netsparker Cloud, our new online web application security scanner that is specifically tailored to help organizations manage the security of their websites and web applications.


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