New CVSS 3.1 Support

Oguz Kurumlu - Wed, 01 Apr 2020 -

Netsparker contains Classifications of multiple industry vulnerability standards. The March 2020 Update for Netsparker 5.7 added support for the CVSS 3.1 software industry standard for assessing and classifying web application security vulnerabilities. This classification sits in the Netsparker Standard report along with others.

New CVSS 3.1 Support

In the latest March 2020 Update for Netsparker Standard 5.7, we added support for CVSS 3.1. The addition of CVSS 3.1 assigns severity scores to detected vulnerabilities, which means that security teams have more information to enable them to decide on which issues get prioritised based on the level of threat.

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System is a software industry standard for assessing web application security vulnerabilities and classifying them according to severity and impact.

In Netsparker Standard reports, both CVSS 3.0 and 3.1 now sit alongside other Classifications such as PCI, OWASP and HIPPA.

For further information, see Vulnerability. For further information on other features in this release, see March Update for Netsparker Standard 5.7.