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SyCom Chooses Netsparker for Its Web Application Security Services

Category: Case Studies - Last Updated: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 - by Zbigniew Banach

“Netsparker not only has better coverage and web vulnerability detection than other scanners, it is also very easy to use and allows us to automate most of the web security audit process.” – Darren Manners, SyCom

SyCom is one of the largest systems integrators on the East Coast of the United States. The team assists organizations from multiple industry verticals with most of their IT requirements, including ensuring the security of their web assets.

Not only has SyCom been reselling Netsparker web application security scanner and using it for all their web application security offerings for many years running, they have also built an automated penetration testing service that uses the Netsparker product.

Why SyCom Chose Netsparker Seven Years in A Row

Like any other serious IT security services company, SyCom re-evaluates the security tools their professionals are using on a yearly basis. By reviewing their toolset, they can ensure that they’re always delivering the best service to their customers.

Seven years ago, SyCom evaluated the Netsparker web application security scanner and has been using the tool ever since. The team still does its yearly evaluation, but year after year, Netsparker comes out on top.

“Netsparker not only has better coverage and web vulnerability detection than other scanners, it is also very easy to use and allows us to automate most of the web security audit process,” says Darren Manners, SyCom’s Director of Offensive Security.

“Thanks to Netsparker’s automated vulnerability confirmation, our security professionals can concentrate on doing other things that cannot be automated,” Manners adds. “As a result, we can deliver a more thorough penetration test and better value to our customers.”

Around-the-Clock Web Security Scanning with Netsparker

Apart from providing IT security services to their customers, SyCom also uses the Netsparker web application security platform as the core of an online service that allows them to continuously monitor their customers’ websites for vulnerabilities.

Around-the-clock website vulnerability scanning and monitoring is becoming more and more common, simply because new features and changes are applied to business web applications on a daily basis. At the heart of the SyCom service is Netsparker’s web application security scanning engine.

By combining the efficiency of automated scanning with the expertise of seasoned security professionals, SyCom has created a winning formula. Netsparker automatically exploits the identified vulnerabilities, and the vulnerability details are automatically fed into the SyCom framework. Security analysts can then contact customers to provide information about the vulnerabilities and suggest remedies.

Without this continuous penetration testing service, most of these vulnerabilities would not be found until a manual penetration test, which is typically run once per year. Until then, applications would be wide open to attacks by malicious hackers.

Reselling Netsparker to their Customers

As a value-added reseller, SyCom does not resell just any software. They only sell software that they approve of and use for themselves. After experiencing the benefits of using Netsparker for several years in their own offerings, SyCom started reselling Netsparker to businesses that have their own security departments and would like to run internal penetration tests.

Comprehensive Web Application Security Services with Netsparker

SyCom is an exemplary all-round Netsparker user. They use Netsparker as a company, they built a service around it and they also resell it. All of this is made possible by the fact that Netsparker delivers top-notch web security products and world-class customer and reseller support.

About SyCom

Founded in 1996, SyCom designs, delivers and supports IT solutions that optimize business results. With offices in Richmond, Roanoke, Virginia Beach, Vienna, and Huntington, WV, the company focuses on the mid-Atlantic region while maintaining a national delivery capability.

With more than $70 million in revenue, SyCom is one of the largest systems integrators on the East Coast. Named “Best Place to Work in Richmond,” SyCom is an employer of choice for the best IT talent in the region. More than 70% of their engineers have an average of 12 years of experience – underlining the company commitment to provide sage advice that customers can trust.


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