How to Scan Websites with Form Authentication, Single Sign-On & CAPTCHA with Netsparker Desktop

Category: Product Docs & FAQS - Last Updated: Tue, 23 May 2017 - by Huseyin Tufekcilerli

Scanning a password protected website with Netsparker is really easy. All you have to do is specify the login form URL and the credentials, the rest is done automatically by the scanner. This document also explains how to configure Netsparker to scan websites which use CAPTHA, two factor authentication and other type of authentication mechanisms that require one time passwords or tokens. Read More

Scan Your Web Applications with Your Xbox and PlayStation from the Comfort of Your Sofa

Category: News - Last Updated: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 - by Huseyin Tufekcilerli

Game consoles such as the Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 has become very popular and almost every computer enthusiast has one. Today it is possible to install Netsparker on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and launch automated web application vulnerability scans using the game controller from the comfort of your sofa. Read More

New Improved Netsparker 3.1.4 is Available for Download

Category: Releases - Last Updated: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 - by Huseyin Tufekcilerli

A new version of Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner is available for download. This version 3.1.4 of Netsparker includes several improvements to the user interface to ease the process of configuring the scanner, and also includes several bug fixes. For more details about this new build of Netsparker read this blog post. Read More