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Are Your Web Applications Vulnerable to Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability?

Category: Releases - Tags: netsparker release , netsparker update , web vulnerability checks - Fri, 11 Apr 2014, by Robert Abela
The Heartbleed vulnerability allows malicious hackers to access sensitive information such as users credentials and the web server private key from a web server's memory. Scan your websites and web applications with Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner to check if they are vulnerable to the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability. Read more...

Scan Your Web Applications with Your Xbox and PlayStation from the Comfort of Your Sofa

Category: News - Tags: scan with xbox , scan with playstation - Tue, 01 Apr 2014, by Huseyin Tufekcilerli
Game consoles such as the Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 has become very popular and almost every computer enthusiast has one. Today it is possible to install Netsparker on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and launch automated web application vulnerability scans using the game controller from the comfort of your sofa. Read more...

Netsparker Chosen as Finalist in Red Herring Top 100 Europe Awards

Category: News - Tags: netsparker event , netsparker awards - Thu, 27 Mar 2014, by Robert Abela
Netsparker has always been an innovator in the web application security industry. It developed the first false positive free web vulnerability scanner, it simplified the process of detecting web application vulnerabilities and much more. Thanks to this approach Netsparker is leaving an imprint in such industry hence it has been chosen as a finalist in the Red Herring Top 100 European Awards. Read more...

Understand Your Web Application Better with Netsparker Knowledge Base Nodes

Category: Product Docs & FAQS - Tags: netsparker feature , web application security - Wed, 19 Mar 2014, by Robert Abela
Apart from identifying web application vulnerabilities, to do a complete security audit of a website or web application you also need to understand the web application and know about all the components, objects and scripts used on the web application. During a scan, Netsparker will record all of these details and present them to the user in the Knowledge Base nodes. Read more...

2013/2014 Web Vulnerability Scanners Comparison - Netsparker Confirmed as a Market Leader

Category: News - Tags: web security automation , web vulnerability scanner , netsparker comparison - Tue, 25 Feb 2014, by Robert Abela
In the 2013/2014 web vulnerability scanners comparison by Shay Chen, where he compared around 63 web vulnerabilities scanners Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner emerged as a market leader in the web application security industry, even though it is the youngest contender. Read this article for more information about the comparison of these automated web security tools. Read more...

Netsparker Exhibited at RSA Conference 2014

Category: Events - Tags: netsparker event , conference - Mon, 24 Feb 2014, by Robert Abela
Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner will be exhibited at the RSA Conference by our resellers Portcullis at booth 2134. Read more...

Getting Started with Web Application Security

A complete detailed guide to web application security. This guide includes everything you need to know to get started with web application security and explains which tools to use, how to choose such tools and also explains how to secure completely all the components of a web application environment. Read more...

Working in QA? Take your Web Application Security Testing to the Next Level

As a QA professional, you are in a perfect position to add much more value to the web application security testing and vulnerabilities detection processes. Read more and learn what you can do to improve your testing skills and start incorporating more complete web application security tests in your normal QA tests. Read more...

Is Your Web Vulnerability Scanner Uncovering All Vulnerabilities?

Category: News - Tags: web application security , web security scan , vulnerability detection - Fri, 31 Jan 2014, by Robert Abela
In just 3 years and 1 month Netsparker published 47 advisories to prove that Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner has one of the best web application vulnerability detection rate. Can your automated web vulnerability scanner identify all the vulnerabilities on your web applications and websites or not? Read more...

Netsparker 3.2 Released - New Features Overview

Category: Releases - Tags: netsparker release , netsparker improvements , web services scanner - Wed, 22 Jan 2014, by Robert Abela
Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner Version 3.2 allows Netsparker users to scan and identify vulnerabilities and security issues automatically in SOAP web services. This version of the false positive free web vulnerability scanner also includes new request and response viewers, a number of improvements that make web vulnerability scans more efficient and a number of bug fixes. Read more...

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