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Latest Report Points to a 45% Increase in Web Application Attacks

Category: News - Tags: web security news , report - Fri, 27 Nov 2015, by Graham Crawford
The Cloud Security Report 2015 Alert Logic released highlight a 45% increase of attacks on cloud-based web applications. Read this post for more information and statistics. Read more...

Security Weekly and Ferruh Mavituna Talk Automation and Scaling Up Web Application Security

Category: Web Security Readings - Tags: web application security , web security automation , sdlc , scaling up - Mon, 23 Nov 2015, by Robert Abela
During episode #442 of Security Weekly, Ferruh Mavituna, Paul Asadoorian, Jeffrey Man and several other web security professionals talk about the challenges of automating web application security and how companies can scale up automated web application security scanning and scan 100s and 1000s of web applications with the least possible resources. Read more...

Understanding the Differences Between Technical and Logical Web Application Vulnerabilities

Web application vulnerabilities can be split within two categories; logical and technical vulnerabilities. This post explains the main differences between these two different vulnerability categories. Read more...

Introduction to Website Groups in Netsparker Cloud and How To Use Them

Category: Product Docs & FAQS - Tags: netsparker cloud , how to , faq , website groups - Mon, 09 Nov 2015, by Robert Abela
Groups in Netsparker Cloud allow you to group a number of websites under a unique identifier. Groups can also be used to scan multiple websites simultaneously, thus easing the process of ensuring the security of multiple websites. Read this post for more information about the Groups feature in Netsparker Cloud. Read more...

Netsparker Exhibiting at Istanbul Security Conference

Category: Events - Tags: netsparker event , conference , exhibition , istsec - Fri, 06 Nov 2015, by Onur Yılmaz
Netsparker will be exhibiting its web vulnerability scanning solutions at the Istanbul Security Conference, which will be held on the 19th of November. Come and visit the Netsparker booth if you will be attending the conference. Read more...

Netsparker Partners with Secnesys in Mexico

Category: News - Tags: netsparker resellers , netsparker partners , netsparker news - Wed, 28 Oct 2015, by Robert Abela
Netsparker partnered with Secnesys to inrease its presences in Mexico. Secnesys has over 20 years of experience in the security software industry hence will help Netsparker reach more bsinesses and help them ensure the long term security of their websites. Read more...

New SQL Injection in Joomla! CMS Allows Attackers Full Administrative Privileges When Exploited

Category: News - Tags: sql injection , joomla , advisory - Fri, 23 Oct 2015, by Robert Abela
This posts gives you an overview of the new SQL Injection vulnerability identified in Joomla! CMS web application. When exploited, this new vulnerability allows attackers to gain full administrative access on the target website. Read more...

Integrating Netsparker with Bug Tracking Systems to Easily Export Identified Vulnerabilities as Issues

Category: Product Docs & FAQS - Tags: integration , bug tracking systems , jira , github , tfs team foundation server , fogbugz - Thu, 22 Oct 2015, by Robert Abela
This article explains how you can use the Send To Action feature in Netsparker Desktop to integrate the web application security scanner with your bug tracking and source code management systems. The integration allows you to export identified vulnerabilities as issues with just a mouse click. Read more...

An Introduction to the Digital Black Market, or as also known, the Dark Web

Category: Web Security Readings - Tags: black market , dark web , script kiddies , security scanners - Thu, 15 Oct 2015, by Alex Baker
Have you ever wondered about what happens in the digital black market, or as better known the dark web? Do you know how easy it is for someone who does not have any security experience to buy a tool that can find vulnerabilities in websites and exploit them automatically? Read this article for more detailed information of how the dark web evolved and about the things you and anyone else can do with just a little bit of money. Read more...

What are Scan Profiles in Netsparker Cloud and How Can They Be Managed?

Category: Product Docs & FAQS - Tags: netsparker cloud , faq , how to , scan settings - Thu, 01 Oct 2015, by Robert Abela
The settings of a web application security scan can be saved as a Scan Profile in Netsparker Cloud so they can be used again for other scans. Read this FAQ for more information on how to manage Scan Profiles in Netsparker Cloud. Read more...

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