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About Netsparker

Ferruh Mavituna

CEO / Product Architect

Ferruh Mavituna has been working in the application security industry for well over a decade and his ambition to ease the process of automatically detecting web application vulnerabilities led him to build Netsparker, and pursued it to the point of commercial reality. Ferruh is also the Netsparker’s Product Architect.

Peter Edgeler

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Edgeler is Netsparker’s Chief Financial Officer. He brings years of business experience with him at Netsparker Ltd, where he manages the business affairs and relationships with business partners and several key customers.

Funda Çelebi

Global Sales Manager

Funda Celebi coordinates the sales team and customers relations. She makes sure that every Netsparker user is a happy customer.

Hüseyin Tüfekçilerli

Developer / Technical Lead

Hüseyin leads the Netsparker development team. Thanks to his extensive experience in software development, we are able to keep Netsparker’s quality top notch.

Orhan Albay


Orhan is a hybrid between a web application security professional and a software developer. With such a rich background, Orhan is responsible for the security related development of Netsparker.

Gökhan Demir


Gökhan brings along with him years of technical experience, and he has helped the Netsparker development team make security technology more awesome. He is also the lead developer on the Netsparker Cloud project.

Oğuzhan Topcu


Oguzhan is the youngest developer at Netsparker and focuses on web development. When he is not speeding on his bike he is responsible for the Netsparker website and Netsparker Cloud project.

Kerem Kat


Kerem is the latest software engineer to join the Netsparker development team. He focuses on memory management, performance enhancements, multithreading and other low-level and geeky stuff.

Onur Yılmaz

QA & Senior Security Researcher

Onur wears many hats at Netsparker. He heads the Netsparker QA and security research teams where he ensures every release is as good as it gets and researches new vulnerabilities.

Omar Kurt

QA & Security Researcher

If there is a vulnerability in a well-known web application, most probably Omar knows about it. Omar frequently scans real-world web applications to ensure that Netsparker can identify all possible vulnerability variants. Omar is also a contributor to the Netsparker advisories.

Mustafa Yalçın

QA Engineer

Mustafa is a hybrid between a web application security enthusiast and developer. Mustafa makes part of the QA & product testing team and also helps in security research.

Ziyahan Albeniz

QA & Security Researcher

Ziyahan is the latest member of our team. He works on Q/A and security research. He brings his many years of application development experience with him.

UX/UI Designer

UI/UX Designer

Emre is the latest Netsparker recruit. He is using his design and UX skills to give a fresh new look to the Netsparker website, adverts and all other published product material.

Selçuk Miynat

Support Engineer

Selçuk is a veteran Unix guy and an ex-system engineer. He is now focusing most of his energies on Web Application Security and now is responsible for leading our support.

Robert Abela

Marketing Manager

Robert started his IT career as a software tester in 1999. Since then he worked his way up to a systems engineer before switching to managerial positions. His technical background and the expertise he gained as a product manager help him run the marketing department of Netsparker, which is relatively technical in itself.

Dan Smith

National Sales Director, US

Dan Smith joined the Netsparker sales team to head the US Sales. With more than 15 years’ experience in solution based enterprise level sales, Dan is the person to speak to should you need to secure your business web applications.

About Netsparker

It was frustration with false positives that, back in 2006, motivated penetration tester Ferruh Mavituna to find a better way to security scan the web applications he was testing.

Working through the night in his spare time, Ferruh wrestled with a concept that he was sure could solve the problem. It was this vision and determination that ultimately led him to create Netsparker; the acclaimed security scanner that is now the backbone of our business. (read the Netsparker story)

The 2016 Netsparker team is a little better resourced than in Ferruh’s pioneering days, but it still upholds the same values that cemented his early successes - innovation, agility and customer focus.

Despite substantial growth in both human and financial terms, the company is still 100% virtual, with team members using the latest tools and technologies to collaborate from their respective locations around the globe.

We have a relaxed attitude to our work but we are passionate about web application security and determined that our product development will push back the boundaries of what’s achievable. Every new release of Netsparker (typically 5 or 6 times a year) brings new capabilities, often employing techniques that were previously thought impossible to automate.

Troy Hunt Web application security scanning done nicely
Troy Hunt, Microsoft MVP

Netsparker is our only product and it represents the entire focus of our activities, which means it gets the full attention it deserves and continues to set new standards for innovation in its field.

But despite having an awesome product, we understand that customers are the real reason for our success and we believe in going the extra mile to support them. We regularly receive words of praise from our users and every design and development decision is ultimately the result of feedback from the front line.

Cecil Su
You guys rock as you listen to the users
Cecil Su, Grant Thornton

Our company is well-funded and its business has been profitable and financially stable since almost the outset, so every stakeholder in our venture (customers, employees, investors, partners, contractors) can feel safe in the knowledge that we are in this for the long haul.