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Automate Your Web Security

Netsparker helps you combat the cybersecurity skills gap and fully automate your web security processes. You can perform automatic vulnerability assessment, which helps you prioritize your work on fixing the issues. You can also automatically discover and protect your current web assets so you can avoid resource-intensive manual procedures.

  • Netsparker automatically crawls and scans all types of legacy & modern web applications including HTML5, Web 2.0 and Single Page Applications (SPA), as well as password-protected web assets.
  • Vulnerabilities are automatically assigned a severity level to highlight the potential damage and the urgency with which they must be fixed.
  • The Asset Discovery service continuously scans the Internet to discover your assets based on IP addresses, top-level & second-level domains, and SSL certificate information.
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Scale as You Grow

Scale as You Grow

When your business expands, the scope of your security requirements expands as well. Netsparker alleviates growing pains by scaling to meet the needs of small businesses as well as large corporations. One of the keys to its scalability is Proof-Based ScanningTM, which prevents you from wasting resources on false positives.

  • Using Proof-Based ScanningTM technology, Netsparker safely exploits found vulnerabilities and generates a proof-of-exploit or proof-of-concept, which confirms that vulnerabilities are not false positives.
  • The Netsparker Dashboards provide information in a clear and concise way, even if you have a large number of web assets.
  • Netsparker uses scalable Scanning Agents that report to the main application and effectively use multiple IT resources to reduce scan times.

Gain Complete Visibility

Netsparker understands your need for full visibility, especially if you need to manage a large number of web assets. You can obtain a clear and comprehensive view of your web security posture, both top-level and in detail. With Netsparker reports, you can also meet your compliance requirements.

Gain Complete Visibility
Reach Top Efficiency

Reach Top Efficiency

Netsparker is not just another application scanner, it is a complete vulnerability management solution. You can integrate it with your issue trackers so you can smoothly fix and retest your web applications. You can also integrate it within your SDLC so you can avoid the huge costs of repairing faulty web applications that made it to production.

  • Netsparker has built-in team management and vulnerability management features that you can use to create roles, assign issues, overview the remediation processes, and retest after completion.
  • You can manage vulnerabilities using third-party issue trackers such as Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, Jira, as well as vulnerability management systems such as Metasploit or Kenna.
  • To protect your applications from the start, you can integrate Netsparker with CI/CD platforms such as Jenkins, TeamCity, or Bamboo.

How Sycom Uses Netsparker to Automate Their Web Security

More than 1000 companies trust Netsparker with their web app security.

Our web application security solution helps businesses of any size, from all different industry verticals. Small businesses and also fortune 500 organizations rely on Netsparker to identify vulnerabilities in their web applications and prioritize fixes.


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Shay Chen
Shay Chen
Information Security, Analyst,
Tool Author and Speaker

Netsparker is Stable, Accurate and Versatile, with a lot of thought put into each of its features. An excellent product in the arsenal of any security professional.

Troy Hunt
Troy Hunt
Software Architect & Microsoft MVP

"I’ve long been an advocate of Netsparker without incentivisation simply because I believe it’s the easiest on-demand, do it yourself dynamic security analysis tool for the audience I speak to. Web application security scanning done nicely."

Scott Helme
Scott Helme
Security Researcher and Entrepreneur,

"In my years as a security specialist I’ve used many different tools for DAST and Netsparker has consistently been at the forefront of both experience and results. It’s simple to use without sacrificing capability."

Save your security team hundreds of hours with Netsparker’s web security scanner.