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  • Customer References

  • oecd The software is an important part of my security strategy which is in progress toward other services at OECD. And I find it better than external expertise. I had, of course, the opportunity to compare expertise reports with Netsparker ones. Netsparker was better, finding more breaches. It’s a very good product for me.
    – Bruno Urban, Senior Analyst - OECD

  • Grant Thornton You guys rock as you listen to the users.
    – Cecil Su, Grant Thornton

  • Troy Hunt Web application security scanning done nicely.
    Troy Hunt, Software architect and Microsoft MVP
  • Morneau Sobeco We have external scan performed by third party that found some vulnerabilities of our sites. Using Netsparker we were able to validate them and work on fixing them. More than this we found few others not reported by them that we had to patch. We created a policy of having to pass the Netsparker scanning before going live with any new site. I have to say, it’s pretty good for an automated scanner. The fact that it’s tools let you switch off of the automated results into manual testing is great.
    – Mihai Petre, Morneau Sobeco

  • Open Text We have been using the tool to great success and it is now an invaluable part of our production workflow.
    – Matt Crandall, Open Text

Secure your website

Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner can find and report web application vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and security issues on all web applications and websites regardless of the platform and the technology they are built on.

Netsparker is very easy to use and its unique detection and safe exploitation techniques allow it to be dead accurate in reporting hence it is the first and only False Positive Free web vulnerability scanner, therefore users can focus on remediating reported vulnerabilities and security issues without wasting time on learning how to use the web vulnerability scanner or verify its findings.

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