A single platform for all your web app security needs

  • Automatic: Verify vulnerabilities with Proof-Based ScanningTM technology
  • United: A variety of integrations to collaborate and streamline your process
  • Scalable: Enterprise features to easily manage your web application security
Scale Up

Scale Up

It’s not possible to truly scale up and manage thousands of web applications if you have to manually verify the results of vulnerability assessments. Netsparker uses their proprietary Proof-Based-ScanningTM technology to automatically verify false positives and save you hundreds of man hours. Scale up your efforts without scaling up your team.

Accuracy that enables you to automate

Netsparker’s motto is automate what can be automated. In fact, Netsparker is a pioneer of web application security automation and scalability. It has Proof-Based ScanningTM, the exclusive technology that automatically verifies the identified vulnerabilities, proving they are and not false positives.

This unique high level of automation gives you actionable and dead accurate insight without the need for manual verification, so your team can start working on the remedies straight away.

Accuracy that enables you to automate more
Closed Loop

Create a closed loop vulnerability assessment solution

Netsparker can easily integrate with CI/CD and other systems found in the SDLC and DevOps environment, allowing you to build a fully customizable workflow in which vulnerability assessments, triaging and verification processes of vulnerabilities are all automated. Upon code commits, scans are launched automatically, verified vulnerabilities are automatically posted on your bug tracking system and assigned to the developers, and developer fixed are automatically scanned and verified, thus automating all of the web application security management.

More than 1000 companies trust Netsparker with their web app security

Our web app security solution helps businesses of any size and industry identify vulnerabilities in their web applications and prioritize fixes. Everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations rely on Netsparker.

Shay Chen
Shay Chen
Information Security, Analyst,
Tool Author and Speaker

Netsparker is Stable, Accurate and Versatile, with a lot of thought put into each of its features. An excellent product in the arsenal of any security professional.

Troy Hunt
Troy Hunt
Software Architect & Microsoft MVP

"I’ve long been an advocate of Netsparker without incentivisation simply because I believe it’s the easiest on-demand, do it yourself dynamic security analysis tool for the audience I speak to. Web application security scanning done nicely."

Scott Helme
Scott Helme
Security Researcher and Entrepreneur,

"In my years as a security specialist I’ve used many different tools for DAST and Netsparker has consistently been at the forefront of both experience and results. It’s simple to use without sacrificing capability."

Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner

Use Netsparker to automatically find vulnerabilities & security flaws in web applications & web services.
Netsparker is available as Desktop Software Application and as Online Web Security Scanning Service.